Ananta Tiwari
Ananta Tiwari (AT)
Performance Modeling and Characterization Lab (PMaC)
San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC)
University of California, San Deigo
9500 Gilman Drive,
La Jolla, CA 92093-0505
Phone : +1 (858) 822 0886
tiwari AT sdsc DOT edu
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Selected Publications:
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  • Green Queue: Customized Large-scale Clock Frequency Scaling
    Ananta Tiwari, Michael Laurenzano, Joshua Peraza, Laura Carrington, and Allan Snavely
    In The Second International Conference on Cloud and Green Computing (CGC'12) , Xiangtan China, November 2012 (To Appear)
  • Modeling Power and Energy Usage of HPC Kernels
    Ananta Tiwari, Michael Laurenzano, Laura Carrington, and Allan Snavely
    In The Eighth Workshop on High-Performance, Power-Aware Computing (HPPAC'12) , Shanghai China, May 2012
  • Auto-tuning for Energy Usage in Scientific Applications
    Ananta Tiwari, Michael Laurenzano, Laura Carrington, and Allan Snavely
    In proceedings of The Fifth Workshop Productivity and Performance (PROPER'11), Bordeaux France, August 2011
  • Online Adaptive Code Generation and Tuning
    Ananta Tiwari, and Jeffrey K. Hollingsworth
    In proceedings of the IEEE International Parallel \& Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS'11), Anchorage Alaska, May 2011.
    Best Paper - Software track
  • Tuning Parallel Applications in Parallel
    Ananta Tiwari, Vahid Tabatabaee, Jeffrey K. Hollingsworth
    Parallel Computing, 2009.
  • A Scalable Autotuning Framework for Compiler Optimization
    Ananta Tiwari, Chun Chen, Jacqueline Chame, Mary Hall, Jeffrey K. Hollingsworth
    IPDPS 2009, Rome, May 2009. [PDF]
  • PERI Auto-Tuning
    David Bailey, Jacqueline Chame, Chun Chen, Jack Dongarra, Mary Hall,
    Jeffrey K. Hollingsworth, Paul Hovland, Shirely Moore, Keith Seymour,
    Jaewook Shin, Ananta Tiwari, Sam Williams, Haihang You
    Journal of Physics: Conference Series 125 (2008), Nov. 2008. [PDF]
  • Parallel Parameter Tuning for Applications with Performance Variability
    Vahid Tabatabaee, Ananta Tiwari, Jeffrey K. Hollingsworth
    SC'05, Seattle WA, November 2005. [PDF]
  • Clio's Assistants: A Tool Suite for Exploring Student Web Usage
    Greg Fuller, Joe Simonson, Ananta Tiwari, Samuel A. Rebelsky
    Proceedings of the EdMedia 2002 World Conference on Educational Multimedia,
    Hypermedia, & Telecommunications
    (June 24-29, 2002; Denver, Colorado, USA),
    vol. 1, pp. 550-555. Norfolk, VA: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education. 2002.
Conference Posters:
  • Clio's Intuition: Using Data Mining to Find Patterns of Student Web Usage.
    M. P. Pinchback, R. Stoltzfus, A. Tiwari, and S.A. Rebelsky.
    EdMedia 2002 World Conference on Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia (June 24-29, Denver, Colorado).
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