A VirtualBox Development Environment for your Laptop

If you would like to do development in an environment that is similar (not identical) to the lab machine, have about 10GB of local disk space, at least 2GB of memory (RAM) and are a little adventurous, then this is the page for you.

IMPORTANT even if you develop your software in this environment, your Programming Assignments must run and be turned in the labs. This laptop setup is to allow you to test/develop at anytime.

Below are abbreviated instructions for installing VirtualBox (free) and a specific virtual machine image. Virtual Box is software that allows you host virtual machine on Windows, Linux, or Mac OS. If you have heard of VMWare, VirtualBox has similar capabilities. Using VirtualBox, you can run a full Linux operating system (it behaves as a completely separate computer) on your desktop. The virtual machine below is CentOS Version 6 (32bit), has Java and Dropbox installed. CentOS is the version of linux used in the labs.

The basic steps are:

root password: cse11-root, student user password: cse11-user

Some Random notes: