Basic Information for Accessing Labs in CSE11

Location: Basement of CSE building. CS230B is the open computing lab. This class does not have fixed times, but tutors are availble throughout the week. More tutor hours are set for Thursday and Friday, since programs are usually due on Friday at 11:00pm

Finding your account information. Browse to . Under the Students box, click on "Accounts & Passwords. This will take you to an ACMS (Academic Computing and Media Services) page where you can Look up Account Information.

Copying files using scp. You may wonder how to copy files from a unix system (this works with the class VM, too) to another unix system. Suppose, you want to copy the file from your current working directory to the remote directory "HW1" in the lab. HW1 must already have been created on the remote machine. We will suppose that your user name on the lab machine is "cs11eab" (replace with your real login)