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My last day at SDSC was Wed 2007-10-31. If you want to contact me (say, if you want to hire me), my personal e-mail address is the obvious permutation of <org@mib.kst>.

I work at the San Diego Supercomputer Center at the University of California, San Diego. SDSC is the leading-edge site for the National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure (NPACI).

I work in the Grid and Cluster Computing group at SDSC. I spend most of my time supporting Globus and working on the TeraGrid.

If you need to install Globus or NMI software, either from source or from binaries, take a look at my gpt-wizard tool.

If you need to maintain Globus grid-mapfiles, try my gx-map system.

I've also written a tool called throttle-job-manager that works around a Globus performance problem by throttling the number of active globus-job-manager processes on a system.

Another tool, gcc-wrapper, is a workaround for a bug that affects building Globus from source with gcc 3.2.

Before coming to SDSC, I worked at Qualcomm, and before that at TeleSoft ... Alsys ... Thomson Software Products ... Aonix.

Before that, I attended UCSD. Now the circle is complete. When last we met, I was but an undergrad; now, I am the ... oh, sorry. These aren't the nerds you're looking for.

Here's the obligatory Frequently Asked Questions list.

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