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gx-map is a set of Perl programs designed to automate the maintenance of files in the /etc/grid-security directory, including the grid-mapfile, CA certificates, signing_policy files, and CRLs.

The latest release is which you can download here.
md5sum: 1b9a7c0aa840ce15c7a5bcc72de75214
sha1sum: 05f1b0fb3f6cd710baa036bc59bc267bd71dbf2b
GPG signature: gx-map-

This release is also available via http, along with the GPG signature.


gx-map is a security update to gx-map Release, and all earlier releases, were recently found to have serious security vulnerabilities that could allow a malicious user to insert arbitrary grid-mapfile entries. If you're currently running release, you can download the release and use the provided patch-gx-map- script to upgrade your installation to Otherwise, you should install release (Versions and are functionally equivalent.)

Release is now supported only if it is upgraded to All releases earlier than are unsupported.

Releases 0.5.2 and later include a new mechanism for cross-site propagation of grid-mapfile entries, as well as a number of other improvements. They also include an optional TGCDB subsystem that's specific to the TeraGrid.


NOTE: The man pages here have not yet been updated to the release. I'll do that in the next few days. In the meantime, you can download the release itself and read the documentation included with it.

Man pages (these will be installed with the gx-map system):

gx-map 0.4.5 was included in NMI release 8.0, available for download here.
gx-map 0.5.1 is included in NMI release 9.0, available for download here.
But remember that releases 0.4.5 and 0.5.1 are unsupported.

More files, including older unsupported releases, can be found in the ftp directory.

Several TeraGrid sites are currently using gx-map or

I gave a short presentation on gx-map at the GRIDS Center Community Workshop in Chicago, IL, 2005-06-24.
You can see the presentation slides in PowerPoint, OpenOffice, or PDF format; also with two slides per page.

You can subscribe to the gx-map mailing list.
You can also view the list archives.

For more information, contact the author, Keith Thompson, kst @ sdsc.edu (the "mailto:" link is spam-proofed).

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