Generalizing Seismic Processing Systems to Diverse Signal Domains

Kent Lindquist, Frank Vernon, Todd Hansen, Arcot Rajasekar, Bertram Ludäscher, John Orcutt, Jon Berger, Hans-Werner Braun, Yehuda Bock

Abstract. Real-time systems applied to seismic data acquisition, asynchronous processing, and data archiving tasks have clearly demonstrated their utility to the geophysical monitoring community. Many of the technological components have potential far beyond seismology, however. The need for real-time delivery of packetized data, integrated with processing, acquisition, and archiving systems is shared with many other signal domains used in environmental monitoring, including image acquisition, GPS surveys, weather monitoring, infrasound, and many more. As part of the UCSD ROADNet project, we have begun applying the Antelope Environmental Monitoring System to several of these new signal domains. We demonstrate prototype monitoring applications that integrate near-real-time, remote image acquisition from the Santa Margarita Ecological Reserve with the existing UCSD seismic data acquisition system. We discuss application of this technology to wireless acquisition of image, GPS, and real-time gyroscopic data from the SIO Revelle, in order to demonstrate the potential of the new monitoring technologies. Finally, we discuss the issues involved in generalizing the packet handling, namespaces, and data access issues for such generalized monitoring platforms.

Bertram Ludaescher
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