Daniel Crawl

Assistant Director, Workflows for Data Science Center
San Diego Supercomputer Center
UC San Diego

Current Projects

  • WIFIRE: scalable data-driven monitoring, dynamic prediction and resilience cyberinfrastructure for wildfires.
  • bioKepler: scientific workflow components to execute a set of bioinformatics tools using distributed execution patterns.
  • Kepler is an open-source scientific workflow system designed to help scientists, analysts, and computer programmers create, execute, and share models and analyses across a broad range of scientific and engineering disciplines.

Past Projects

  • DiscoSci: distributed ocean monitoring via integrated data analysis of coordinated buoyancy drogues.
  • Scientific Data Management (SDM) Center brings a set of advanced data management technologies to DOE scientists in various application domains. The Scientific Process Automation (SPA) group provides solutions and products for effective and efficient modeling, design, configurability, execution, and reuse of scientific workflows.
  • Realtime Environment for Analytical Processing (REAP) is a cyberinfrastructure development project, focused on creating technology in which scientific workflows tools can be used to access, monitor, analyze, and present information from field-deployed sensor networks, for both the oceanic and terrestrial environments, and across multiple spatiotemporal scales.

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  • Ph.D., Computer Science (2006)
    University of Colorado
    Advisor: John K. Bennett
  • M.S., Computer Science (2003)
    University of Colorado
  • B.S., Computer Science (1998)
    University of Colorado