pseudocode example

The following

  \begin{pseudocode}[framebox]{reduce}{projection, x, y, f}
    \FOR i \GETS 1 \TO y/f \DO
      \FOR j \GETS 1 \TO x/f \DO
        sum \GETS 0 \\
        \FOR m \GETS 1 \TO f \DO
          \FOR n \GETS 1 \TO f \DO
            sum = sum + projection[i*f+m][j * f+n]  \\
          \END \\
        reducedProjection[i][j] = sum / (f * f) \\
      \END \\

If you'd rather enclose the pseudocode in a figure (upon which you could use the figure number for reference), you can remove the algorithm numbering by using the following command:

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