Shava Smallen

San Diego Supercomputer Center
9500 Gilman Drive #0505
La Jolla, CA 92093
Phone: (858)822-0962
Fax: (858)534-8303

About me

I am a programmer at the San Diego Supercomputer Center at UC San Diego, currently working in the UC Compute Systems group. I am the project lead and developer for the Inca Grid monitoring software tool (originally developed for TeraGrid) and am UCSD's representative for the UC Grid project. I am also SDSC's PI and chair of the Performance Committee for the FutureGrid project led by Indiana University.

Previously, I did Grid portal development work for the Extreme! Computing Lab in the Computer Science department at Indiana University. I received my Master's in Computer Science at UCSD in 2001 and did my thesis work on tunable application-level scheduling for an online parallel tomography application.

Paper and Talks


  • S. Smallen, K. Ericson, J. Hayes, C. Olschanowsky, "User-level Grid Monitoring with Inca 2", published in HPDC 2007 Workshop on Grid Monitoring, June 2007. [pdf]
  • S. Smallen, C. Olschanowsky, K. Ericson, P. Beckman, and J. Schopf. "The Inca Test Harness and Reporting Framework", Proceedings of Supercomputing 2004, November 2004, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. [pdf]

More Inca related papers can be found here and talks can be found here.

AppLeS, Telescience

  • F. Berman, R. Wolski, H. Casanova, W. Cirne, H. Dail, M. Faerman, S. Figueira, J. Hayes, G. Obertelli, J. Schopf, G. Shao, S. Smallen, N. Spring, A. Su, D. Zagorodnov. "Adaptive Computing on the Grid Using AppLeS", IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, Volume 14, Number 4, 2003.
  • Shava Smallen, Henri Casanova, and Francine Berman. "Applying Scheduling and Tuning to On-line Parallel Tomography", Scientific Programming, Volume 10, Number 4, 2002. Extended version of the SC'01 paper.
  • Shava Smallen, Henri Casanova, and Francine Berman. "Applying Scheduling and Tuning to On-line Parallel Tomography", Proceedings of Supercomputing 01, November 2001, Denver, Colorado (Best student paper award). [pdf]
  • Shava Smallen. "On-line Parallel Tomography", Master's thesis, University of California, San Diego, June 2001. Also available as UCSD Technical Report CS2001-0675. [ps]
  • Shava Smallen, Walfredo Cirne, Jaime Frey, Francine Berman, Rich Wolski, Mei-Hui Su, Carl Kesselman, Steve Young, and Mark Ellisman. "Combining Workstations and Supercomputers to Support Grid Applications: The Parallel Tomography Experience," Proceedings of the 9th Heterogenous Computing Workshop, May 2000, Cancun, Mexico.