Sir Bubba Brownwell of Carmel Country Highlands

Bubba! Born November 2, 2003.

Above, Tracy Brown, the owner and breeder at Brownwell Kennel, holds up the 5 week old Bubba for our electronic perusal.

Bubba and his bear

We received Bubba on December 27, 2003 after a plane ride in a crate from Alabama.

Hailing from Alabama with an English blood line, Sir Bubba

Hannah and Bubba

Sam and Bubba

Sadie and Bubba

Our good friend Stephanie and her photo shoot with Bubba on February 27, 2004.

Bubba and I out for a walk on a cold evening on April 10, 2004.

Sam and Bubba have a sleepover.

Bubba celebrates his 1st birthday!

Bubba celebrates Bryan B's birthday!