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A simple client-side NSDS simulator and plotter for Linux and LabVIEW

One useful coding and debugging tool is a simple program that simulates the DAQ side of the NSDS. This allows a developer to test data streaming from the DAQ, via the driver and then into a (simulated) NSDS that subscribes to and plots all channels.

This can be used with

  1. The standard Labview DAQ distribution
  2. The ADXL 2-axis accelerometer
  3. The Dataq DI-194 small DAQ
and any other DAQ program speaking the reference protocol. A license for LabVIEW is not required, thus making this useful for local testing and development.

What it is and what it does

This code provides the NSDS simulator component. As this is just a client-side simulation, it cannot stream out to other users or interface with Chef. It is just for DAQ-side testing.

Here is a diagram of the code components in the reference implementation:
Picture of DAQ, NSDS, etc

Here's a screenshot of it running, capturing data from a DI-194 DAQ: (note that the KB/sec dial indicates incorrectly; the cause is under investigation)
labview screenshot of DI-194 data

Requirements for use

  1. The source code, as compiled by the LabVIEW Application Builder.
  2. The LabVIEW Run-Time Engine, a free download.
  3. A source of data, i.e. a DAQ. For this, you can use the standard code distribution, an ADXL board with our software, or a Dataq DI-194 with code.

Download links

  • NSDS simulator, compiled into a Linux binary.
  • Local mirror of the LabVIEW Runtime engine for Linux, ver 6.1.1
  • CVS instructions for downloading the standard LabVIEW DAQ code. Note that the NSDS simulator is included there; use this if you already have a LabVIEW license.
  • Code and instructions for the ADXL202 driver code
  • Code and instructions for the Dataq DI-194 driver code

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