Scientific Study of Belief Systems

I have an interest to know/understand each belief system (including religious systems and belief systems that dont necessarily subscribe to a super-human force/energy). I think this would be more based on questions such as: What and Why do people believe in something; What were the consequences on their societies due to that belief; Why is some system more prevelant etc.,. It is more like "Religious Anthropology".

I have my own belief system too. I think it is easier for everyone to know more about other people's belief systems so that they can respect each other's beliefs. I had planed to create a chart of the commonalities in differnet systems based on my personal intrepretation. I had planned for this page 9 months back. I got tooo interested in this subject that i decided not to have this interfere with my work and stuff. I have now postponed all activities regarding this and added this project as a "after-retriement" project in my list. For now you can browse through these links. Googling around you will find a lot of information on this topics.

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